Friday, March 12, 2010

dust off the cobwebs

hello i'm back.

as far as i feel facebook has made blogging rather redundant, i still enjoy writing up blog entries once in a while. like the old times.

anyhow, for the past whole year of blog abandonment, countless things happened. i'm not gonna recall them one by one but to summarize it all, life's been great so far. i'm currently taking a research gap year in university of melbourne and am loving it (relaxing schedule and all). will soon return to Jakarta for clinicals though. can't say im dreading the end of my study here but neither am i anticipating it, mixed feelings.

i've also set up another blog where i'll post brief entries of my life here in australia - mostly photos and travel logs. if you're interested, please visit Snippets. I hope to post at least 3 pictures there daily so that by the remaining 3 months here, i'll be able to recap most of the lovely experiences here in Ozland.

end of short update for now. adieu.